Bangkok court docket denies request for arrest warrants for anti-government protesters

A Bangkok court docket has rejected a request to issue arrests warrants for 2 anti-government protesters. News of the activists’ potential arrest led to a planned rally being cancelled. However, ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ ราคา has decreed that as the charges in question carry a jail time period of no extra than three years, police must first problem a summons for the 2 activists.
According to a Bangkok Post report, the courtroom made the ruling yesterday, after police had sought arrest warrants for Red Shirt activists, Nattawut Saikuar and Sombat Boonngamanong, who had organised an anti-government rally on the Asok intersection within the capital. The protesters have pledged to lead rallies daily till PM Prayut Chan-o-cha resigns, and have declared the Asok intersection their stronghold.
Yesterday, Nattawut was forced to call off the rally after being suggested that police had been seeking an arrest warrant for him. The protest chief posted on Facebook to substantiate the rally was cancelled while he tried to verify information of the warrant.
Also yesterday, it was reported that more severe expenses are being introduced against Nattawut, Sombat, and fellow activist Thanat Thanakit-amnuay. The Bangkok Post reviews that Seksakol Atthawong from the PM’s Office has filed an official request with police to press charges of incitement, sedition, making an attempt to overthrow a authorities, as nicely as violating the emergency decree and illness control legislation. The police have confirmed they’re now engaged on issuing a summons for the activists.
In related news, Piya Tawichai from the Metropolitan Police Bureau has denied that police drove a automobile right into a 14 yr old activist earlier than arresting him during a rally on Tuesday evening. According to Piya, just one particular person was injured in the course of the operation and that was a forty five year outdated man, named within the Bangkok Post report as Wisit Fuengsila..

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